Corpus Christi Police Department

John Chiarello
1 min readMay 8, 2020


Criminal corruption crisis in the Corpus Christ Police Department- run by Chief Mike Markle- Corpus Christi Texas.



These are the few videos I made yesterday and today. Nothing- Nothing here is new- all of this I have spoken about before.

I Don’t have time to write an entire post- but I’ll add that Corpus Christi [Nueces county] was officially ranked the 2nd most corrupt county in the U.S.A.

This ranking came out a few years ago- I believe we are now ranked number 1.

Dade county [Florida] used to hold that ranking.

Obviously the Corpus Christ Police department is the largest law enforcement body in Nueces county.

So you can see that even the national ranking sees that CCPD is either number 1 or 2 rated ‘most corrupt’ in the U.S.A. [I posted the study before- don’t have time to find it right now- just do a search on line].

Like I said- it would be too much to go over it all again- but I’ll post this now- with the video links- and hopefully see you guys tonight.