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MONDAY 9–18–17


[Did race play a key role in his case? These questions need to be answered- was their collusion- did money exchange hands? Who murdered judge Tom Greenwell- was it really a suicide? The national media question it- till this day. We have a corruption crisis in Corpus Christi Texas- see links below]

White man commits vehicular crime yesterday- he is rightfully in jail as I speak-

.Woman killed down the street by vehicle


.Bob Coleman

.Mike Markle


.Judge Manuel Banales

.D.A. Mark Gonzalez

CCPD- D.A. Mark Gonzalez- we have some questions-

.Cop kills Black Man- says he will kill him on police cam

.He then plants gun in Black Mans car

.He goes scott free- and then does an interview lying about the dead Black man

.Why do you think people- Black and White- are protesting?

.Officer Tim Wilson

.Officer Cordell

.Caller times- did racism against White people play a roll in their coverage of the crimes of judge Manuel Banales?

.Why has their coverage of the White mayor Joe McComb been so obviously disrespectful?

.El Defensor’ did a better job than the Caller Times

.Will judge Manuel Banales continue to run people over with his vehicle?

.If he kills/maims White people in the future- will Nick Jimenez continue to defend him- because they are both Mexican?

Did racism play a role in the cover-up of the crime that Judge Manuel Banales committed?-

.Why race?

.Caller Times did an advocacy piece

.They went out of their way- saying it was not a crime for a Mexican judge- who was doing 75 [Kailen says 91] MPH in a 30 MPH zone- to run off the road- while either texting or speaking on his phone- and almost murdering an Innocent Tx. Dot worker.

.The Caller Times has in the past not advocated for White men- involved in vehicular crimes- to get off scott free- to drive and continue to threaten the community by their wreckless- driving.

.The only rational explanation is the Caller Times is a racist news paper and will defend Mexicans when they run over people

.Fire dept. Investigation- on racism [Kingsville- years ago]

.Just wish the Caller Times could treat all people equally- regardless of creed- religion- race and sexual orientation

.And hopefully Mark Gonzalez will not just arrest/ prosecute White people in the future

The cops shot her-

.Hannah Overton

.Judge Burket

.Rosas case

.Judge Banales

.Chief Mike Markle



.Guy Williams

.Judge Tom Greenwell

.Unreported homicides in Corpus Christi Texas

.CCPD shot the Catholic lady

.Hit her 7 times- the truck 17- she showed me her missing finger and other wounds to her chest

.They charged her with many counts of attempted murder of a peace officer

.held her in jail for about a year- tried to get her to take a deal

.She refused

.Judge Tom Greenwell let her go- she was the first person that ever mentioned to me- she thought he was murdered because he didn’t go along with the system here- below are the news links-


As I read the news articles on the car crash of judge Manuel Banales- and the serious injuries of his victim- I could not understand how any person driving twice the legal speed limit [as reported by the caller times] or even more [an article said the judge was clocked at 91- in a 30–35 mph zone]-

I just couldn’t see how driving off the road onto the emergency lane- then hitting a Tx DOT. worker- and causing serious injury-

And some Media reports indicated he was either texting or talking on his phone-

With all of this evidence- how did he not get arrested- or even charged?

When this crime happened- I did read a front page article in the Caller Times.

I have since searched for it- and have not been able to find it.

But the article was an advocacy piece- defending the Mexican Judge.

It said though the speed limit is posted as 30–35- yet because it is actually a state highway- the 30–35 mph sign is simply a ‘suggestion’ -


As I read the article it was defending Judge Banales- and I could not figure out why.

Recently we had a White mayor elected- and I noticed the same paper immediately speak about him in a disrespectful way.

Now- I believe if a White person runs over a Mexican- he should face charges- if indeed he was speeding- doing more than twice the posted speed limit- and texting at the time.

As a matter of fact- our new D.A.- who happens to be Mexican- has stated that he will go after all vehicular crimes- and he will send you to prison!!

But then why would a Mexican judge- not only escape the law- but also be defended so strongly by the same Caller Times who has spoken negatively when covering our new White mayor?

First- there is no rational explanation for why judge Banales still has a drivers license-

One paper reported he has struck people before with his car.

And we should be color blind- whether dealing with a White mayor- a Black judge- or a Black victim of a crime by a White cop.

True justice advocates for the victim, whatever race he/she happens to be.

For whatever reason Judge Manuel Banales was not arrested- I don’t know.

It is obvious if a White person- did what he did- that person would be in prison today.

I’m mad- yes-

I’m mad too- because the judge is Mexican- and Nick Jimenez seems to have shown racism in his covering of the case.

I’m mad because the judge used his connections to get away with a serious crime- in which there was a real victim- possibly injured for life.

I have not seen any report on whether the victim later died- or is in a wheel chair today.

I have not seen the race of the victim- but I don’t care what his race is!

If a White cop beats a Black man- its wrong!

If a Mexican judge runs over a Mexican person- it’s wrong!

But if a Mexican judge runs over an innocent person in Corpus Christi Texas-

Well- he will still sit on the bench-

He will still be a risk of running over your kids-

And yes- The Caller Times will run a special article defending you- even saying the 30 MPH sign is simply a ‘suggestion’ -

While applauding wildly when a White man is arrested- and sent to prison- for doing the exact same thing.


NEWS LINKS- [I was trying to find the caller times article I spoke about- trust me- it was as bad as can be- defending doing 75 in a posted 35 MPH zone. They must have taken it down- that’s when I came across these other links]

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