Sunday sermon

John Chiarello
3 min readSep 22, 2019



2 Timothy 3:16 [Full Chapter]

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:


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Sunday sermon videos!Aocp2PkNEAGMhSRGu1dng_0D5DEX




.Elijah and Enoch

.John 3- Ephesians 2

.Galileo- Copernicus- Kepler

.Medici family

.Florence Italy [center of the Renaissance]



.Scientific revolution

.Was the controversy over a flat earth?


.Heliocentric versus Geocentric

.Ptolemy’s cosmos- not that bad after all

.Alexander the great

.The philosophers

.The bible and science

.What about ‘Sun rise- Sun set?’

.Phenomenological language in scripture

.The higher critics- 1800’s- Germany

.Jude and Peter

.The development of the canon and church councils

.The rounding of numbers in scripture- fine

.The debate between Luther and the Catholic church in the 16th century- did Luther call James epistle a straw epistle [letter]?

.Yes- but why?

.Why did the original Protestant reformers settle on ‘a fallible collection of infallible books’?

.Final word- the bible is reliable- it is the Word of God


This Sunday I spoke too long- and talked on too much. So- instead of trying to write it all- I’ll add my past teachings below.

I did talk about the Mass verses- the ones I heard on the radio this Sunday. And I mentioned a few verses that pastor Bil spoke on [Church Unlimited].

Many of the subjects I talked about today I have talked about before. I guess that’s OK- recurring themes [repeating stuff] is actually a biblical principle.

So for those who never heard some of this before- I hope it benefits you. And for those who have heard this before- maybe it will rekindle your own desire to teach- speak- and ‘argue’ for the faith.

God bless all- John

PAST POSTS [My past teachings that relate- Other videos below]


Let’s pick up where we left off 2 posts back. We were talking about Martin Luther and the events that led up to the Protestant Reformation.

In order to understand the key act that caused the protest- we will have to teach some Catholic history/doctrine. [Some sites- see the rest here ]