Sunday sermon

John Chiarello
5 min readMay 21


Sunday sermon

Luke 2:52 And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.

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Sunday- part 2 [I made this video in the afternoon- I didn’t intend to teach again- but I did teach some- so I decided to tag it here]-


.Catch the first 4 minutes of worship at Church Unlimited- then I teach outside the Church

.Too Many verses?

.Actually- the wrong ‘verses’ worked better- for this day

.Overview of Hannah and Samuel- the promised son

.She kept her vow- and gave him to the Lord

.John’s writings unique- in which way?

.Justification by faith- taught by Paul

.John [the apostle] said the same thing- but in a more passionate way

.Jesus at 12 years old in the temple

.Elias Alvarado and his son Gabriel- a few stories from the Church I started in Kingsville- and the day Elias died

.Whats was the special gift Andy gave Furman- and what made this gift ‘special’?

John 4:7 Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.

John 4:8 He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

1st John 4:7–8

TEACHING- [ Verses below]

This Sunday I taught right outside of Church Unlimited- and caught about 4 minutes of the worship service-

For those who do not watch the videos, try and at least catch the first 4 minutes of the live worship- it’s worth it for sure.

I taught from the ‘wrong verses’- but it fit anyway.

I added my past teachings below on the bible chapters that I covered before- the ones that relate in some way to the verses I taught on the video [for 12–30–18, yes- I post a lot of videos- and it can get confusing].

Either way- when you see my multiple videos- and posts during the week- just let the Lord lead.

I realize our friends- our community- can not watch or read every post-

That’s ok.

I often make unplanned videos- teach a subject off the cuff- then sure enough one of my homeless friends will bring that same verse or passage up the next day or so.

All of this type of teaching is obviously unplanned- yet- in the sometimes ‘hectic’ nature of the posts- you can see God at work.

So just be led of the Lord as you follow along with the journey.

I encourage all of you to ‘take’ the journey as well- to take the risk of reaching out to those around you- wherever you live.

The kingdom is not about you simply supporting some church- or ministry.

Yes- there’s a time and a place for that- but it’s about YOU- it’s about the potential of God living in all who believe.

It’s not limited by national or ethnic divisions- but we are all the People of God- and we can all declare and publish the word of the Lord.

But do it with charity- show compassion to others along the way.

One of my homeless fiends who I was with this week- brought up the Good Samaritan teaching that Jesus himself gave.

Yes- take time to help the hurting- preach the word at all times- be ready to communicate both the word in action and by speaking.

Later today I hope to post the video I will make today to Youtube and Facebook [Blogger].

I say ‘hope’ because if plans change- or if I take an ‘unplanned’ trip [to new Jersey] then yes-

I obviously won’t post.

Either way- there are plenty of teaching resources I have tried to make available on all my sites.

Use them freely- download the studies you like- use all of the stuff you find on all of my sites- as much as you want.

I waive the copyright to everything- it’s yours-


1 Corinthians 15:8

And last of all he was seen of me also, as of one born out of due time.

PAST POSTS [These are links and parts of my past teachings that relate in some way to today’s post- Verses below]

(882)1ST SAMUEL; INTRO, CHAPTER 1- Originally the books of 1st and 2nd Samuel were one volume. When the Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament was made [the Septuagint] they were added with 1st and 2nd Kings and were called ‘The books of the kingdoms’. In order to keep this volume from becoming too big, they were divided into the present divisions. In chapter one we see the family of Elkanah and Hannah [and wife #2 Pininnah!]. They go up to the Tabernacle of the Lord in Shiloh to worship the true God. Hannah has no children while wife # 2 does. This becomes a point of contention and jealousy between the two wives. Hannah pours her heart out to the Lord and makes a vow. She tells the Lord if he gives her a son that she will dedicate him to the Lord. Eli the priest sees Hannah praying silently [her lips moving but hearing no voice] and he assumes she’s drunk! Why? Was she stumbling and acting drunk? No. It was because he thought she was mumbling [speech] like a drunk. In Acts chapter 2 the same thing is assumed. Those who received the outpouring of the Spirit were thought to be drunk. Why? Were they stumbling and falling? No, once again it was a speech thing. They were speaking all types of unknown languages [known to the various groups there that day] and people thought they were acting like drunks when they can’t talk clearly. I emphasized this because it’s common today for renewal movements to associate the Spirit with people actually stumbling and driving in a drunken type state. While I don’t want to be dogmatic and say this can never be of God, yet many of these believers will use the Acts chapter 2 example to justify their belief. Act’s 2 does not teach ‘being drunk in the Spirit’ in this manner. Now the Lord hears Hannah’s request and she gives birth to Samuel. She keeps him until he is weaned [2 or 3 years old] and then she honors her vow and dedicates him to the Lord. She actually gave him up to become a full servant of God at Shiloh. It was not an easy vow to keep. As we go thru this book we will cover lots of interesting history. Samuel will become a mighty prophetic leader in Israel. He will be the one to introduce king Saul as Israel’s first king. The last verse in Judges says ‘there was no king in the land in those days, every man did what he thought was right in his own eyes’. It’s common to think this means God punished Israel for not having a human king. In actuality God will tell Israel that they were rejecting his kingship over them by wanting a ‘king like the other nations’. We will learn that God did not originally intend for Israel to have a singular human king. The description from judges simply shows us that sinful people, who reject God’s law, will go astray. In these instances a king can bring some sort of stability and government. The kings of Israel will serve in this capacity. [Some sites see here ]

(884)SAMUEL 2- Hannah gives great praise to God for Samuel. This prophetic utterance is a lot like Mary’s ‘Magnificat’ in Luke chapter one. She says ‘God brings low the rich and helps